1) Maintenance:

All products of the company provide 1 year free maintenance service, free maintenance period, the product's round-trip freight is borne by the customer.

2) Exchange:

For new product quality problems, the company provides three-month free exchange service. Customers should first send pictures of damaged products to our e-mail address. After our customer service staff confirms the product problem, please send the product back to our company. After receipt, we will arrange to send another new product back to the customer. Our company bears the shipping cost of returning the product to the customer.

Pay attention to the following points when exchanging goods:

1. Please complete the packaging when sending it back to avoid damage during shipping.

2.The appearance of the product is damaged, and any incomplete accessories or outer box will not be accepted.

3. If the product is checked and confirmed after being returned, it is not a product quality problem, but the consumer's own negligence, the company will not bear the freight.

3) Return:

Our company provides a 30-day return service for products with quality problems. If you find product quality problems or dislike within 30 days of receiving the equipment (based on the date of the courier number), please communicate with our after-sales customer service in time, and the confirmation is After the company's product quality problems, the original complete product and its inner and outer packaging, accessories and shipping list will be sent back to the company by express. After the company has checked and confirmed that it is correct, the refund can be processed, and the round-trip freight and all other costs incurred are borne by the customer.

4) Washing & Maintenance Suggestion:

1. Water-resistant coating fabric. Please do not wash with liquid detergent or bleach.

2. Clean with wet cloth if necessary.

3. Air dry.

4. Please do not iron it.


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