Mardingtop 50L Hiking Internal Frame Backpack

Written by Adam Sheriff
Multi-Use Backpack
Water Resistant & Water Proof Rain Cover
Spacious & Multiple Compartments
Built In Hip Belt
Not Military Approved
The Mardingtop 50L is a multi-purpose internal framed backpack with lots of features like water-resistant material, a rain cover, easy access compartments, and slots to help keep your gear organized. This military-style 3-day assault backpack is tailored to a wide variety of audiences: hikers, backpackers, travelers, truckers, and campers.
When it comes to having an all-around all-purpose backpack for camping and traveling, you want to purchase something that has all the vital features. If you are backpacking, you want to get something that will fit your food, beverages, sleeping materials, camping supplies, and sleeping gear.
If you’re hiking, you want to make sure you have enough space for your sleeping bag, cooking supplies, clothes, and some sort of pole attachment or the ability to carry them. If you’re rucking, you wanna make sure the main compartment is big enough to pack enough weight and is weatherproof, and durable.
The Mardingtop top 50L backpack encompasses all these features and is capable of more. Its multi-use functionality design is what differentiates the Mardingtop Molle 50 Litres from other backpacks.
Not only does this backpack have a polyester water-resistant core so that your belongings do not get wet, but they also include a rain cover for total protection. The combination makes this backpack weatherproof.
Hip Belt
This backpack comes with a built-in hip belt. This is really important as it helps to distribute the weight more evenly. It elevates the weight load from being primarily on your shoulders. For a 50L backpack, this is key because the storage capacity is large meaning you’re probably going to be packing a lot of gear and equipment which will ultimately add weight. The hip belt also ensures that you’re carrying the backpack correctly, and in proper form.
It also has a lot of compartments to put your gear in. This means that it is perfect for someone that loves to keep organized. In the hydration compartment, you can fit three whole liters of water! Alternatively, if you are not carrying beverages, this is an ideal spot for your laptop.
Speaking of compartments, you can fit an entire hammock or sleeping bag in the main compartment. If you aren’t carrying your gear to sleep with, then you can always put shoes in this portion of the bag. It is great to use this bag for your luggage when you are traveling by plane. It looks sleek enough that it could be considered luggage or a backpacking sack. It also fits the size requirements of most major airlines (not as carry-on luggage though).
The top compartment is where you can put your snacks and your other gear. This is where you can have rope, matches, a flashlight, and anything else that you will need for the trip. We’d recommend putting in smaller items here since you’ll have quick and easy access to them.
Final Thoughts
The Mardingtop Molle 50 Litres can really hold an entire survival package in it or is just a week away when you fly. We recommend this backpack to anyone who intends to use a backpack for multiple occasions. It's fit, sleek, and very function-able.
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Written by Adam Sheriff
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