[M5962II] Mardingtop 35L Motorcycle Molle Backpack with Rain Cover for Camping Tactical Military Trekking



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[M5962II] Mardingtop 35L Motorcycle Molle Backpack with Rain Cover for Camping Tactical Military Trekking $61.91 $49.53

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  • 【Durable Material】 This 35L tactical backpack is made of 600D polyester and includes a RAIN COVER. The buckle and zipper are all made of YKK. Size:12.4*8.7*19.7 in(L*W*H),1.18kg.
  • 【Hydration Compartment】This motorcycle backpack with hydration compartment and can hold a 2.5 Liter hydration bladder (hydration bladder is not included), and the tube is fed through the top of the bag near the grab handle.
  • 【Consummate Design】 This skateboard backpack can hang on small items, or for attaching additional pouches or gear. Backpack also has bottom compression straps, which can hang your sleeping bag, tripod, or tent. There is also a patch area on the top of the backpack, which can be used to paste your favorite badges.
  • 【Waist belt Design】 The waist belt of this military backpack is stitched in, but you can slide them into the middle space behind the back padding support. It’s a pretty snuggle fit and won’t slide back out on its own.
  • 【Ideal & Outdoor Companion】This small tactical backpack with a chest strap is suitable for outdoor activities, school, or work, so it’s your best choice for a 3-day assault pack, trekking backpack, camping backpack, school backpack, tourism backpack, or hiking daypack.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 14 × 37 cm
color: No selection


9 reviews for [M5962II] Mardingtop 35L Motorcycle Molle Backpack with Rain Cover for Camping Tactical Military Trekking

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    Jason B

    Perfect travel backpack! I went on a work trip where everyday was different and I needed a pack that could carry a wide range of items. I fit extra pairs of shoes, bathing suits, towels, change of clothes, laptop, pretty much everything I would need and then some. I have yet to max out this pack as I often only pack it for a day or two.Pros:-Deep pockets for max storage-Side pockets can hold a standard Nalgene(a little snug but it fits)-the waist belt worked great while hiking-the clips feel well built not cheap like some bags in this price range-compression straps are great for helping fit this bag under seatsCons:-Not much padding on shoulder straps or waist belt-side pockets could be a tiny bit bigger to fit Nalgene bottles betterFor the price it is hard to beat this bag! I couldn’t find anything that matched it in quality and price. I raved about it so much coworkers after the trip all wanted one.

    February 17, 2022
  • Avatar

    Andrew SolmssenAndrew Solmssen

    UPDATE AFTER ABOUT THREE MORE YEARS: This is a great backpack. It’s taken absolutely everything I’ve thrown at and in it. It’s been a great platform for the various mods I’ve done, everything from extra MOLLE pouches and carriers to an internal platform to move my hydration bladder a little higher, and been incredibly durable in daily, and I mean *daily* 4-8 mile hikes, travel, and everything in between. The stuff I complained about below seems silly now. It’s been incredibly tough and accommodated a lot of wear. Buy this pack and wear it in good health – it will take you and your stuff anywhere you need to go.UPDATE AFTER ABOUT ONE YEAR: So I’ve lived with this pack for a little over a year now. I really wear this thing – I hiked over 3200 miles in 2018 as part of maintaining a 325 lb weight loss. I’m still pretty happy with the one I bought then despite an issue with the chest strap. The attachment to the shoulder strap has come loose and will need to be resewn at a luggage shop. That said, I bought another one to have as a spare while I get the first one repaired, and they’ve made some changes to the design that I don’t like. One, the interior strap and buckle to secure a hydration pack has been replaced with a single velcro tie. This was already a weak point, and I think when I get the old one repaired I will have something sewn in that works better. Two, the waist strap that was already too thin is now even thinner – it was 1.5 in. webbing, now it’s 1 in. Overall, it seems like the workmanship and materials are poorer too – there’s thread hanging off one of the shoulder straps and some of the seams are not flat, the interior pocket for the hydration pack is just a thin layer of fabric instead of the insulated material of the old one, the shoulder straps now don’t come with the little slack-keeper dealies.ORIGINAL REVIEW: Somewhere there is a thief wearing a very nice backpack. Ordered on a Friday, delivered the following Monday, and stolen from my building before I could get to it. It’s Wednesday now, the replacement arrived earlier today, and I walked from West Hollywood to Burbank (12 miles) with it and am very happy. It’s a big backpack – swallowed up my 3L Platypus Big Zip in a neoprene sleeve and a lot of clothing and gear with room to spare. The main pockets are very roomy and well laid out, the hydration bag pocket was so well insulated I still had ice water 8 hours later, and the side pockets are very easy to access with the pack on. A lot of nice touches and hard thinking in the design – everything from side pocket zipper direction to drinking tube channels is perfect. I feel like this would be a good pack at 2-3 times the price – at $35 it’s a bargain. I’m 5’8″ and it is just a little big on the shoulders for me – I might have a strap put on it just above the handle to put some tension on the shoulder straps and pull them together a little bit. Stitching and fabric all looks and feels high quality. Recommended!

    October 29, 2021
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    This bag is great for needs that require a bag. Beach, day hike. Riding on a motorcycle. I use it all the time. What its not is an overnight hiking pack. Its just not big enough to carry all your gear. Of course it is possible but the bag was not designed this way. I’m having a hard time carrying: a two person hiking tent, poncho, sleeping pad (blow up), 2 L water pak, and I have a small humidor hanging off the back. That took up most of the room. There is some left but Ill be using that to bring snacks for my overnight hike. Even with this I still love this bag. Once its worn down I will get another if they are still available.POST HIKE: Ahh my shoulders are killing me. This pack is no hiking pack. All weight on your shoulders all the time. Nice bag though.

    July 1, 2021
  • Avatar


    Nice budget drone bag. Just upgraded from the smaller 28L one, which lasted me for 2 years of regular, moderate use. This one holds everything I need after I outgrew the old one.Here’s my appraisal:It’s a $45 bag. It’s not going to carry 80 lbs across death valley…if you’re buying a cheap bag for that kind of usage the problem is not the bag. I carry a laptop and a bunch of drone equipment – radio, batteries, drones. The horizontal straps are perfect for holding a quadcopter, Side pockets big enough for lots of spare props, Largest compartment holds the laptop and has room for three micro quads in their cases, fpv goggles, and a little room to spare at the top. On top of the largest compartment there are two more of decreasing size. The first is large enough to hold a few isdt chargers, a multimeter, and my radio in its case. Outside of that is a thinner pocket in which I easily toss 8 x 1500mah Lipos. And the straps on the back will hold 2 x 210 size drones at minimum.Total weight I’m carrying is about 25 lbs. I’ve stressed cheap bags before and know the sound of straps giving out, this is not the case with this backpack.That said, here’s the good: It’s stylish, smells fine, and is functional. If you want something made from rugged premium material, spend more.The bad: The WHOLE bag is the same material – a quick caution that the product image makes the material look sort of ‘padded’ – it is not. It also does not appear to be water resistant at the seams or zippers. If the bag gets splashed your laptop will probably be fine, but don’t go for a long walk in the rain.The ugly: Because I bought on the cheap, My expectations were low. None of my fears from reading the worst of the reviews were justified. It’s not that old but doesn’t have a lot of loose threads (looks pretty darn good honestly) so I expect at least a couple years out of it with regular use and a light load.All in all, I’d recommend it. Definitely a great cheap bag for drone users with the straps, though you’re limited to 2 quads on the back of it.

    July 1, 2021
  • Avatar


    This is great as a bag for use on airplanes, but not as great in the outdoors. So far it’s held up to rough treatment as checked baggage and in backpacking trips in Nicaragua and Puerto Rico. The compression traps only apply force on the very front-most pockets, so they don’t really do much. You can pack some clothes up there but ultimately those straps don’t accomplish much because of the size of the pockets they cover. Would be more useful if they covered the whole bag. Because the side pockets zip you can’t really put larger water bottles in them, and when I’m doing anything serious outdoors using side pockets for extra water storage is necessary. The molle clips are handy, I have several smaller gear bags that are molle-compatible and the straps attach nicely to the front of this bag. Has a laptop sleeve in the back, which is actually annoying when you’re not carrying a laptop (but great when you are – there is some rigid reinforcement that makes it sturdy). Great bag, but more for jet-setting than adventuring.

    June 4, 2021
  • Avatar


    I bought this for a trip to Florida due to the rain cover that it comes with. I generally stay away from cheap military style packs, but thought I would give Mardingtop a try.It is decent- roomy enough for a full day at the beach for a guy with a wife and three kids. You can tie towels on the bottom of the bag with the two straps like you would a ground pad or a small sleeping bag.For a 3 day assault- I found it comfortable enough to actually hike with and roomy enough for a small sleeping bag and other items for a night or two out in the woods.No a really good “airport” bag as it doesn’t have the usual organizer section many others have, but if you are using it for a 3 day assault- beach- etc pack… good decent pack.

    May 24, 2021
  • Avatar


    This pack has exceeded my expectations for the price. It has a unique streamlined look but easily holds enough material to be considered a viable 3 day get home bag which is what I bought this bag for. I’m buying a second for short excursion trips. Excellent construction with very comfortable shoulder straps. The waist belt is placed to effectively distribute and support weight at the hips, with very comfortable padded sides on the belt hip. I like that this pack doesn’t look like a “tacticool” pack with molle attachment points covering every square inch of the exterior. There are a few on the back panel which is perfect for attaching an extra pouch (large) or a tear away med kit, etc. I really can’t find fault in this pack at this price point. So far it’s holding up just fine with no signs of wear on the major stress points. I have it loaded with about 20 lbs of stuff and would feel comfortable loading up to 25 lbs in this pack.

    May 19, 2021
  • Avatar

    A. fifield

    I purchased this back pack for a trip and it was exactly what I was expecting. The design of the backpack is great and it is very spacious. The straps can go around the waist or tucked behind the back. I opted to tuck them and it was still comfortable as are the shoulder straps. I like how the extra slack can be folded and held down instead of hanging out. It seems to be very well constructed and durable. The MOLLE webbing is nice and I used it to attach a tactical light, a pen, and some carabiners. I used the hydration compartment for a hydration bladder, but it is padded and would work well for laptops. The tube came through the shoulder (there is space on each side) and came down through a clip in the shoulder strap. This tactical pack can be used for many different purposes including: backpacking, camping, bug-out, traveling, or even for school or gym. I think it is fairly priced and look forward to using this product often.

    April 1, 2021
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    The 600D polyester construction is as solid as it gets. There are a multitude of pockets. The zippers are sturdy and well made. The Molle connectors are great for attaching your extra pouches and gear, flashlights, LED light bars, water bottles, etc. It’s not water proof, but is a bit water resistant. A light rain won’t soak what’s in here, and anything you want to protect should be sealed up inside of something anyway. The harness secures perfectly around your torso and supports the weight of the bag and the items within with a comfortable center of gravity. It’s a good size, but I wouldn’t expect to survive out of it for very long. It’s more of a tactical bag than anything else, but I’ve managed to form a system of storage around it that works well for me. I could go for two weeks or more with just this bag and what I can fit in it.I did a lot of research and this is the best bag, hands down, at this price.

    February 25, 2021

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