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[M6302Ⅱ+ZSSD01] Mardingtop 28L Molle Tactical Daypack & 2.5L Hydration Bladder Set

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Why I Need A Backpack With

MOLLE System ?


Modularized Design

Flexible Configuration: The modular design of the MOLLE system allows the user to flexibly configure the pack's accessory pouches or other accessories according to their needs. 

Standardized Interfaces

The MOLLE system uses standard PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing, a standardized interface that allows gear and accessories from different brands and manufacturers to be compatible with each other, providing a wider range of options.

Robust and Reliable

With the multi-point fixing and weaving structure, the accessories fixed by MOLLE system are not easy to be loosened or dropped, which ensures the safety of the equipment and at the same time, it is easier for the user to manage the items in a modular way.
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Why Do I Need A Backpack With

YKK Zipper ?

A good zipper may not make or break a backpack.
But a poor zipper can definitely ruin your experience, no doubt about it.

——Especially if you're outdoors.

Backpacks fitted with high-quality zippers are always preferred by professional outdoor experts, especially YKK zippers.
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Why you need a backpack with 600D Polyester Fabric ?

Lower weight but durable

In the past, I've often heard hikers and climbers complain that their packs are too heavy when they're exhausted. 
——Yes, the truth is that outdoor sports are very physically demanding, and when you're in a state of high stress, any slight change in weight can make a big difference. 
Polyester is lighter than nylon with the same D-count, yet just as durable and hard-wearing. Whether you're climbing in the mountains or walking in the jungle, 600D polyester fiber will always do its best to protect your belongings at all times.

More resistant to UV

The one that will stay with you the longest on your outdoor journey may not be your partner, but the sun! Compared to the nylon and cotton fabrics popularly used in the market, polyester is more resistant to UV rays and less likely to be deformed or discolored by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Some backpacks that use nylon or cotton materials perform far worse in this regard than those that use polyester fibers, but they don't let that reduce their selling price.
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